Working from home offers great benefits not only to employees, but also to the company. Used correctly, home office increases flexibility and the effectiveness of work processes. In doing so, you should always keep the following points in mind:

Standardized and documented workflows
Before starting, the most frequent and most important workflows must first be understood and subsequently evaluated. Ideally, create a graphical overview of the exact course of each task. It must be clear which employee processes which data and what is done with it afterwards. In other words, where are documents stored or to whom are they forwarded? Each employee should know exactly how to proceed with each task. In this way, optimization potentials can be found and standardized processes can be created.

Fail-safe storage system
The fundament of a secure and fast data exchange is a NAS cloud storage system. All employees must be able to access the data relevant to them at all times. At the same time, not only data protection must be satisfied, but also data security. A NAS storage system enables legally compliant and loss-proof data storage. It is the prerequisite for efficient work and prevents redundant data from accumulating. As soon as a file template is already stored more than once, it interrupts the workflow and increases the susceptibility to errors. The connection must be encrypted at all times. An SSL-encrypted web access can be used to establish an easy and secure connection from any location. Such a NAS can also be combined with existing infrastructure.

Devices and equipment
Make sure that your employees have modern and, above all, standardized hardware. This not only facilitates training, but also maintenance and system care. The hardware performance should be set approx. 30% above the current performance requirements. This enables smooth and future-oriented work in terms of costs. When choosing a monitor, you should also focus on uniformity. By using two identical monitors, you can not only save on purchasing costs. In addition, time-consuming clicking around is no longer necessary, since it is possible to use two programs simultaneously.